We work collaboratively with clients as a cross-functional interdisciplinary team to advance to the regulatory approval process. While working with InfinixBio, you will be involved in every step of the process, maintaining control and direction of the projects.

Early Drug Development

Assay Development

In the early stages of drug discovery, developing robust assays is a critical part of your long-term success. If you are in the initial discovery phase, InfinixBio can work collaboratively with your team to customize project requirements, including everything from target characterization to lead optimization.


Protein Biochemistry

Our protein biochemistry capabilities include the development of protein, enzyme, and immunoassays, as well as protein purification, modification (e.g. pegylation), characterization, and stabilization.


Genetic Engineering

InfinixBio scientists have extensive experience in genetic engineering technology and Molecular Biology. Specific applications that we have developed include chromosomal gene modification of E. coli to construct highly efficient bioproduction strains; sophisticated genetic modification of mammalian cell lines; design, construction and testing of multifunctional engineered proteins; and modification of therapeutic bioproduction processes to improve product yields and reduce costs. We work collaboratively to efficiently meet our client’s needs for genetically engineered solutions.


Cell Line Development and Cell Biology

Our scientific insights help us solve challenging problems in cell biology, including:

  • Stable cell line development
  • Primary cell culture
  • Expression systems
  • CRISPR gene editing, knockouts, and knock-in
  • Gene Expression and bio-production systems
  • Cell signaling and reporter systems
  • Complex cell function activation

Other services you may be interested in:

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